Thursday, December 4, 2008

From Pig Pen to a House

About a month ago we started helping a local pastor and a few other guys build a house for a lady in their congregation. Apparently she's been through a lot and is struggling to take care of her three kids on a basically non-existent income. Her husband died about three months ago, and as soon as he was on his was out, his first wife came in a swooped up anything that was of value. This left his second wife with nothing and to top everything off, shortly after her husband died, their house fell over. These kinds of things have become apparent as a sad reality of the Mixtec region here in Mexico.

We went out originally to take the materials from her old house to make her a new one on the tiny piece of property that she got when her husband died. Come to find out though, that she didn't have enough materials to make a proper house so she had to go and rip apart some of her pig pen so she could have a roof on the house. I can't even imagine having to do something like this and it was a pretty heart breaking thing to witness. Here are some pictures of the pig pen and the house under construction. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the completed house, but it did get finished about two weeks ago. If you want to pray for her and her family her name is Yolanda and I'm sure that she could use it.